Built For IT res['2C VARs and MSPS

Después de más de 10 años trabajando con la industria de las TI, sabemos lo que necesita para mejorar su negocio y hemos desarrollado una solución ideal.

Empower [\L[\L2S42Fh4>

Proporcione a su equipo de ventas el tiempo y la información que necesita para desarrollar estrategias ganadoras eliminando las tareas manuales y dándoles acceso a los datos de los clientes en tiempo real.

Fully Connected - Fully Automated

Conectado a todo su sistema, además de los de sus proveedores e incluso clientes. Ayuda a que su empresa se comunique y crezca.

Modern Selling Feature List<$f"S4

Order Status And Tracking

Automatically updates order status and tracking by EDI links to distributors. You and your Customer know where their orders are.

Allowing you to recognise issues early and plan / take action for arrival, giving better account management, and freeing up sales people’s time, gives your business the professional touch – loyalty admiration thus increased spend.

360 Account View

Links to your systems to show invoices, payments, credits, credit limit, returns and statements. Gives your customers 24/7 access to information they need.

Saves time on routine tasks, but more than that gets you paid more quickly as the customer know what they owe.

Account Management

Authorised customers are able to enter and maintain their billing, address, delivery details and payment preferences bidirectionally synched with your systems. Allowing them to maintain and manage their account.

Ensuring you have accurate data and saving time in account maintenance. No more missed payments or deliveries to old addresses and reduced fraud – reducing losses and adding to your bottom line.

Purchase Authorisation And Approval

Controls who has permission to buy and gives an approval process for orders- both internal and external – covering budgetary, product and technical approval. Making sure the right products are ordered.

Allows your customer to order with their own organisational controls in place. Resulting in less returns and more upsell opportunities, forcing technical review of complex orders to increase amount spent.

Built-In Helpdesk

Use our proprietary helpdesk or use our pre-built links to your existing system to embed this within your portal. An integrated helpdesk makes your portal a one stop shop for answers.

Customers questions are answered quickly and easily within your custom environment. Drawing them in to your portal and the interaction with your marketing messages will result in more sales.

Guided Selling Module (CPQ)

Easily create configuration wizards. Helps your customers and sales people decide what to buy when needs are complex.

Ensures the right products / services for the job to be done are included, enabling less skilled salespeople and customers to specify more complex requirements. This reduces training for salespeople and increases order size.

Great Free Text Search

Elastic search, BI and AI make finding things so easy. Your customers can simply type in what they want without having to look around.

Your top selling and promoted products are prioritised – you benefit from the whole channels search analysis. Your customers will keep coming back as your site is Amazon easy.


Group a collection of products and services together. Makes it easy to order a large number of items without missing key components.

Saves time for buyers. This locks customers in to your company and allows for higher margins as direct price comparison is more difficult.


Include wide range of product configurators, from ink and toner, through to system RAM, cables, network connectivity and even your own. Allows the customer to find compatible products easily.

This ensures the right products are ordered, resulting in fewer costly returns and less time spent checking compatibility.

Full Product Descriptions Provided

Over 1.4m product descriptions matching IT products sold by distribution with long descriptions and multiple images and resources. This lets the customer know exactly what they are buying.

You no longer have to compile product descriptions yourself. Your customers will be able to find the detail they need and thus have the ability to place orders with confidence.

Custom Catalogues And Products / Services

Let customers only see a curated catalogue of products they have agreed to buy from you at agreed prices and from optimal suppliers. Allows procurement policies necessary to be within your business relationship online.

Allows the site to be accessed by a wider group of people within your customer as appropriate controls are in place. Fundamentally this will win business as you support and define your customers IT needs.

Personalised Buying Lists

Create lists of key products for your customers or let them create their own requisition pads. Users can buy regular items quickly.

Items won’t be forgotten. This means you will sell more of your run rate products and bundles.

Product Recommendations

Lists of alternative or complementary products are automatically generated. Let customers see what other items they need from our recommendation engine.

Your customers will get all they need to complete their project. Sales will increase at high margin by getting additional items added to the order.

Personalised Messaging & Segmentation

Communicate online directly to individuals and groups based on buying habits or opportunities your salespeople have identified. Unite offline and online messages. Trigger and identify sales opportunities on your web site.

Customer will appreciate having relevant suggestions and funnels, and an improved experience. Your team will identify and grow any sales opportunities

Customer-Specific Pricing

Display uniform prices across all channels to your customers – setting the margins you agree, based on gov/ed cost prices too. The prices you agree with your customers will be accurate and consistent.

Sell to your customers at the right price level. Maximise margins and minimise cost prices resulting in greater profit.

Automate Hardware Procurement

Electronic connections to distribution enable orders to be sent, order status and tracking to be interrogated and product serial numbers and other information to flow through to you and your customers. Reliable, accurate and instant bidirectional flow of information with your suppliers means you will be up to date in real time on any issues.

Save time and money processing orders – with fewer mistakes. A complete record of all your orders – plus serial numbers keeps customers happy, allows proactive action on delay and gets all key information recorded in your systems.

Automate Cloud & Services Billing

Process billing reports from cloud service providers to create sales orders by customer that are imported straight into your ERP / accounts / CRM systems. The end customer has visibility on of the orders on your portal, and, via single sign on, can go straight to the relevant cloud provisioning tools. (CSP Partners include Ingram & Techdata) Saves time on billing administration.

Gives you and your customers complete access to the costs and breakdowns of cloud services. Allows you to reconcile and manage usage thus saving money where services are not being used to their full extent.

ERP & CRM Integration

Our integration platform allows links from one system to another passing through our middleware. Links PSA, CRM, ERP and suppliers giving a 360 view of business activity.

Up to date information in all your systems without spending time allows your business to work more effectively. By having access everywhere you will be easily and effectively able to solve any issues and communicate this information to your customers.

PunchOut To Your Customers Purchasing Portals

Link to your customers procurement systems such as Ariba, SAP and Oracle. This is a requirement for many of your key customers.

By allowing PunchOut – rather than free text orders or catalogue upload you can market to your customers. Once the customer is on your punch out site he can only buy your products – making you a one stop shop.

Real-Time Stock And Prices From Distribution

Connected to over 500 suppliers globally – our system gets real time stock and prices from suppliers systems. This allows you to reliably quote and accept orders.

Pricing is specific to your account and customer so you will minimise the price paid as well as comparing the market. This will improve your margins, save time and increase reliability.

Collaborative Quoting & RFQ

Offline quotes synchronised to your online portal, customers create their own RFQs online. Shared access to an online areas to view and collaborate on quotes.

Ensures the right products / services for the job to be done are included, enabling less skilled salespeople and customers to specify more complex requirements. This reduces training for salespeople and increases order size.

Embedded Chat – Plus Voice & Video

Move from a web page to chat, voice or even video instantly .Get the right person notified when key customers are taking specified actions so they can step in to proactively help.

Solve buyers issues upfront and provide proactrive support when needed. Spot and close sales opportunities.

Shared Space – Group Involvement

Involve multiple constituents in the sales process from your team and the customer side. Gets everyone involved and committed to the outcome.

Less project reworking and quicker approval. Projects are delivered more reliably.

End-User Reporting Suite

Let’s your customers analyse their spend. Your customers will know what they have bought from you and can use this information in their business expense reports inc UNSPSC.

Your company is now supporting your customers purchasing controls and business reporting needs. This will encourage them to consolidate spend with you.

Internal Tools To Report On Your Business Goals

A huge range of reports showing details of sales, returns, customer analysis and growth. Allows you to know in real time hwo your business is performing

Lets you take action to address issues such as high return rates for key products. Opens up opportunity detection by letting salespeople see what their customers are looking for and thus sell in to them.

Opportunity Detection

Tools to drive sales growth with your existing customers. Report on customer activity to spot buying signals or potential loss of business.

Your sales team can now quickly determine how to invest their time to build relationships. You will identify hidden value in your customer base.

Optimize The Conversion Funnel

Reduce abandoned carts with proven best practices, including emailing abandoned carts, creating leads for sales people, and payment alternatives. This helps to close more sales.

A higher percentage of customers complete the buying process. This fundamentally adds to your bottom line.

Access To Uniform Prices And Price History

Customer specific Prices calculated automatically from suppliers stock with visibility of previous price paid. Consistently price your products and maintain margin.

Customers trust your pricing policy, hence they will engage more with your business and buy more – even at higher margins.

All Billing Information At Fingertips

Customers know what you have charged them. Easily answer customer billing queries.

Remove routine tasks and improve customer service. Debtors days will decrease and the customer knows the status of all his bills.

Exposing All The Product Information

Product information provided, inc images, categories, UNSPSC.and much more – for over 2m products. Customers become fully aware of what they are purchasing.

You don’t have to maintain product descriptions or compile your own lists. This is essential for customers to be able to buy from you and will enable online and offline sales.

Access To Uniform Prices And Price History

Customer specific Prices calculated automatically from suppliers stock with visibility of previous price paid. Consistently price your products and maintain margin.

Customers trust your pricing policy, hence they will engage more with your business and buy more – even at higher margins.

Otras características nicho pero importantes

Multidivisa, multilingüe y multiregión, comprobaciones de límites de crédito, tokenización de tarjetas de pago, cuentas y contactos y funcionalidad de usuario global, venta de servicios, automatización de la facturación en la nube, tecnología como servicio, respuesta móvil y una API completa.

Eso no es todo. Nuestro carro de la compra está basado en Magento, por lo que tiene acceso a una tienda de aplicaciones masiva, que le ofrece oportunidades casi ilimitadas para personalizar y mejorar su tienda.

Grow Your B2B Ecommerce Business Quickly And Easily

Full service or involve your team in all set up processes including design and build, system integration, hosting and deployment.

Hit The Market Fast<%1 L

Láncese en un tiempo récord y empiece a generar ingresos antes con la implementación de comercio electrónico B2B más rápida del mercado.

Innovate Quickly<%fBS4P

Una enorme gama de plugins adicionales disponibles para lograr prácticamente cualquier cosa, Opciones ilimitadas para ampliar, desarrollar y mejorar el sitio con su equipo, el nuestro o el de terceros.

Make Online WorS#f"S#W"S#'W6W72S42S$fBS4

Debe adaptarse a este cambio masivo en el mercado si quiere prosperar en el futuro. Le ayudaremos a adoptar esta nueva estrategia de ventas.

Chairman Statement - Tony Meyers<$f"S4P

«Ganamos nuestro dinero a través de cuotas mensuales, no de grandes costes iniciales. Para sobrevivir y prosperar debemos mantener a largo plazo a los clientes satisfechos que se benefician de nuestros servicios. Tanto si te unes a nuestra comunidad de clientes como si no, date cuenta de que tu negocio debe adoptar al menos algunos de los principios que hemos definido como Venta Moderna».