Stop Rekeying Data & Chasing Order Information When Buying From Distribution

Automate order processing and fulfil orders seamlessly with electronic POs sent to suppliers and invoices & tracking details provided automatically.

Enable Your Suppliers

Immediate, automated electronically sent PO placement, confirmations and invoices.

Total Order Transparency

Enjoy real-time tracking and status updates just as you do at home, along with serial numbers and imported supplier invoices.

Connect Your Systems

Automatically sync information across your accounts, ERP, CRM and/or PSA systems. See our Integrations

Here’s How Stock in the Channel’s Order Automation Works

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How It Works

With our order automation package you can completely automate the purchasing of IT hardware from distribution. With end-to-end electronic communications, this solution gives your business a hands-off, efficient solution that lets computers do all the work.All orders from either the webstore or sales team members are imported directly into our orders manager which automatically works out the cheapest fulfillment, considering the cheapest price and delivery costs. You have full control over how you convert orders into PO’s with the choice of the following:

  • Automatically convert orders to PO’s in seconds
  • Override the automated conversion to choose different distributors, change prices to reflect negotiations with distributors and special bid pricing for particular products or customers
  • Consolidate order items to be shipped from your warehouse to save on multiple purchase ordering costs.

Electronic ordering

Stock In The Channel has electronic ordering in place with all of the major distributors listed with us. These distributors can accept purchase orders and provide proof of delivery. Before an order is placed, we check the availability of items in real-time and provide tracking codes from distributors to help you fully monitor delivery progress. If a distributor provides a unique ID of an item for delivery, we will import this for you.

Complete order transparency

Package tracking and order status is visible to you, your sales staff and your customers. Order status is passed back from suppliers to our system and your web-store, CRM and even ERP enabling you to catch and resolve any issues pro-actively before your customer knows of the problem. Track the delivery on the courier’s website and see exactly where the package is at that very moment!

Access to full history

Every action that takes place is recorded in a history section on your Stock In The Channel account. This tracks quote, order, purchase order and supplier invoicing, allowing you full visibility of the complete quote-to-order cycle.

Consolidate orders

Our system allows you to select multiple orders and combine them into one purchase order (per supplier). These orders are then shipped directly to your base where you are then able to create shipping notes and manage the dispatch of the goods. There is a separate section that manages shipments from your warehouse.

Distributors Covered

The following Distributors are best placed for complete automated order processing.

*Available on request.

Other Distributors

For distributors that don’t have standard electronic gateways, we have a different electronic solution for each, in order to place your Purchase Orders. This maintains the process efficiency for you, with the supplier undertaking any manual order entry required.

Fulfilment Rules

Our normalisation engine constantly monitors stock and prices of millions of IT products. As part of the ordering process, the engine automatically rechecks the best source for fulfilment at that moment, primarily by cheapest price and delivery cost. You have the option to specify fulfilment rules to have full control when orders are converted to purchase orders. For example, you can:

  • Override the automated conversion to specify a particular distributor for volume rebate achievement by brand, product line, or model
  • Direct specific contracted customer orders to a nominated distributor applying bid pricing and authorisation codes.
  • Consolidate multiple sales orders into single purchase orders for each distributor, to save on delivery costs.

Please ask for further details and a demonstration of the fulfilment rules functionality.

No need to copy and paste

We offer integrations with popular CRM and ERM platforms to synchronise order data, tracking information and more with the mission critical systems you use. We can also provide access for legacy systems via our API. Using Stock in the Channel and our integrations can ensure that all staff in your organisation can have easy access to the information relevant to them, right on the screens they use most. From Proof of Delivery to product serial numbers, you stay on top of progress without any mundane administration.Please ask for more details of our integrations with leading software platforms such as AutoTask, MS-CRM and Sage.

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