Insights from your webstore help you understand your customers’ needs and future wants.

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What is Insightful B2B eCommerce?

B2B eCommerce offers IT Resellers an opportunity to understand customers better than ever before by using webstore data to support account management. In 2020, all data points should be reported to help your organisation operate as efficiently as possible.

Better business intelligence means loyal customers and higher profits. Insights into your customer’s behaviour should be reviewed continuously to best understand patterns in account management and purchasing behaviour. This comprehensive understanding means you can easily personalise your customer’s webstore experience with our extensive suite of Modern Selling portal features. Customise the purchasing journey using Stock In The Channel’s extensive customer grouping tool to continuously cross-sell, optimise and nurture sales.

With more channel opportunities that integrate hardware, software, services and cloud IT solutions, helping your customers understand their consumption and billing is a guaranteed way to make customers happy and earn long-term loyalty.

Insight Features

Updated Reporting

Operating your business through one portal uncomplicates what, when and how customers are buying. Share key learnings with your buyers to demonstrate your channel expertise and earn their loyalty. Track and measure account behaviour and on-site webstore usage to build a clear picture of business growth opportunities.

Want to integrate Modern Selling Features Into Your Webstore?

We’ve built over 25 features that will impress your customers and streamline the way you sell.