Self Service

Self-service IT webstores allow customers to action tasks by themselves and make purchases independently.

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What is Self Service B2B eCommerce?

Simply put, modern IT buyers want a B2B webstore platform where they can get stuff done without having to talk to someone from your team. This is more relevant than ever with so many organisations working remotely, and with teams split between the office and home. Empowering customers to take action by themselves like they do in their consumer lives is essential for any B2B eCommerce to thrive.

Modern eCommerce businesses succeed through convenience and speed while providing options for their customers. Establishing Purchase Authorisation within your customer’s organisation means all types of employees can make an independent purchase from you, while on-site Wizards can be designed to help assist customers, too, all leading to increased sales that need less involvement from your account managers or salespeople.

Routine tasks are one of the most time-consuming parts of managing any account. The Modern Selling portal gives the customer total access to their Invoice History as well as Cloud Services Billing, Consumption and Provisioning to give your clients a 360-degree view of their IT channel ecosystem; hardware, software, cloud and services.

As customer touchpoints (like Order Tracking) become clearly better suited to self-service, the more complex B2B solutions that require personal interactions become even more meaningful. Recognising and implementing self-service opportunities will help give your team the time they need for effective in-person account management when these moments arise.

Self Service Features

Cloud Services Made Easy

Stock In The Channel is here to help you reconcile all cloud services billing, consumption and provisioning. Connect with multiple CSP platform to access all the information you need in one pane of glass and help make sense of what cloud services are being used.

Order Status & Tracking

Quickly share shipping and dispatch information from suppliers and couriers to keep customers fully up to date with their order progress.

Invoice History

Allow customers to view their entire order history. Providing full visibility for your team and enabling your customers to re-purchase previous orders and pay off outstanding invoices.

Purchase Authorisation

Set-up approval processes for your customer’s organisation and with tiered permissions based on role or cost of basket to empower every end-user to make purchases.

RMA Returns

Our integrated Return Merchandise Authorisation module allows customers to book in returns without the need for human intervention.

Want to integrate Modern Selling Features Into Your Webstore?

We’ve built over 25 features that will impress your customers and streamline the way you sell.