We’re delighted to announce the winners of Stock in the Channel’s first ever Disty Awards, celebrating the suppliers that populate our stock and price search engine and enable tens of thousands of resellers to do business.


Who are the winners of the Stock in the Channel Disty Awards 2021?

Using Stock in the Channel platform data we’ve identified the following winners for the 10 categories. Read on to find out how the winners have been recognised, and click through to view their profile page for more information.

Stock & Price Accuracy

Awarded to the supplier whose stock and price feed are updated most frequently, PSA Parts consistently update stock and prices, maintaining multiple client-specific, tiered pricing groups; all with a consistent level of accuracy. 

Best Product Data Quality

Awarded to the supplier with the most accurate product descriptions, LINDY ace product data coverage, with 99.5% of in-stock products described by Icecat.

Best EDI Integration

Awarded to the supplier with the most electronic automated functions. The SITC and Ingram integration has it all: real-time stock and prices, EDI order automation, shipment tracking, serial numbers and CSP Billing – and now moving to Secure FTP (read more here).

Fastest Reseller Connection Response

Awarded to the supplier that actions feed requests the quickest, CMS frequently has zero pending reseller requests demonstrating a consistently rapid response to new applications.

Most Viewed Distributor

Awarded to the supplier receiving the most amount of interest from resellers using Stock in the Channel. Of the 166 distributors listed on the platform, 1 in every 7 Distributor Profile Page views is for Exertis IT.

Best Niche Supplier

Awarded to the supplier with the largest range and highest quality product data coverage within one product area. Huge well done to Cablenet for exceptional product data coverage at 99.1% for over 4000 cable SKUs.

Best Specialist Supplier

Awarded to Cloud and Security experts Exclusive Networks, recognised for providing expert insight and support to customers.

Best eCommerce Support

Awarded to the supplier who provides the fastest response time to solve feed issues and queries, sorting any and all feed-related requests in rapid time. 

Best New Supplier

Awarded to the recently-joined supplier who has received the most interest from resellers. Trade Supply have been with Stock in the Channel for 6 months, awarded for their adoption and implementation for client-specific feeds. 

Longest Standing Partner

Awarded to the supplier with the longest-term commitment to the platform. Supporting Stock in the Channel since its inception in November 2006, Northamber are an absolute all-rounder, with hundreds of feeds and good coverage across product data. 



Congratulations to all our winners – and to all suppliers listed on Stock in the Channel.

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What are the Stock in the Channel Disty Awards?

The Disty Awards are selected from internal categories that are measured from within the Stock in the Channel platform. Our objective is to shine a light on all trade distributors, large and small, broadline and niche.

With over 170 UK distributors connected to Stock in the Channel, we’ve seen the hard work and resourcefulness required that has ultimately led to success for the whole channel through 2020 and into 2021.

For a full list of UK Distributors you can find on Stock in the Channel, click here: