We are delighted to announce that Stock in the Channel’s Product Import extension is now compatible with Magento 2.3.  The update is now available for both hosted webstores as well as self-hosting customers.


Important Information About Magento Version Updates

When Magento version 2.3 was released, the way that product and categories were set up within Magento changed dramatically. This meant that our previously existing product import extension was no longer compatible.

As a result, our customers were not able to upgrade to the newer versions. As time goes on and security patches are released, this means that any sites stuck on Magento 2.2. became increasingly out of date.  Magento has now ended support for Magento 2.2  so customers running Magento 2.2. should upgrade as soon as possible. 


Transitioning to Magento 2.3

In addition to the changes to how products and categories are handled, Magento 2.3 introduces a number of changes which may mean that themes need updating and other 3rd party extensions may no longer work. Consequently, this is not an automatic update and customers need to be prepared for this.

For those customers hosting on our turnkey solution: we will manage the migration to version 2.3 on your behalf.  Please contact support@stockinthechannel.com and they will arrange a time for the upgrade and assistance in solving any of the issues that may arise.

For self-hosting customers: the extension is available for downloaded from https://github.com/StockChannel/SinchImport

If preferred, it can also be installed from Packagist using the following link https://packagist.org/packages/stockinthechannel/import


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