How To List B2C Webstore Products For Free On Google Shopping


At the end of 2020, Google expanded its free display options to businesses around the globe; allowing eCommerce businesses of all sizes to list their SKUs through the Google Shopping platform for free.

“Available globally in mid-October, search results on the Shopping tab will consist primarily of free listings, helping retailers to connect with more customers, regardless of whether they advertise on Google.”

Bill Ready, President of Commerce at Google


What Does This Mean For Stock in the Channel Webstore Customers?


For B2C webstore users, this offers a modest yet tactical opportunity to present products from your site to customers searching Google for IT and office products, effectively listing 100,000 of your supplier’s products on Google shopping with no advertising cost.

While competition for product listings is tough, presenting your products to potential customers as they search is a critical marketing moment that should be taken advantage of – especially at no advertising cost to you!


Where Will Free Products Appear On Google?


Free product listings most commonly appear on the Google Shopping tab, however, they can also appear on under ‘Popular Products’ on Search results and within Google Images.

As with all Google results, your products will be ranked on relevancy for a user’s search factoring in keywords and popularity.


How To Upload Products For Free On Google Shopping?


For free listings, as well as paid shopping adverts, you must upload products through the Google Merchant Centre. However, in order to efficiently upload your product catalogue data you will have to use a Magento extension to automate the process.

We recommend using Wyomind’s Simple Google Shopping extension for Magento 2, please include that you are a Stock in the Channel customer when speaking with them.


Uploading products to Google Shopping of course does not guarantee additional sales, yet offers a great opportunity for new potential end-consumers to purchase directly from you.